Boron Carbide


BORON CARBIDE, (the structural formula is B4C, and the molecular weight is 55.26 ) is a nonmetallic material for high performance structuring ceramics. It also considered as the material for the high performance functioning ceramics, is one of the hardest Man-Made materials (only near upon diamond and cubic boron nitride), its hardness with Mohs hardness 9.36 and microscopic hardness 5400 – 6300 kg/mm2, its density 2.52 g/cm3 and melting point at 2450 °C. The material possess properties of endurance hi/low temperature, no reaction with either acids or alkalis, it is also possesses the specialty properties of light quality, high hardness, semi-conductivity etc so that it is widely applied as following: Boriding refractory, ion transfuse, lilm layer as well as grinding, polishing, drilling hard metal alloys, jewels etc. Meanwhile, it is main materials for the wear-resisting parts, precise meter-age element, precise spray nozzle, sealed washer smelting boron steel, boron ally etc. For boron, it possesses the characteristic of absorbing the neutron, so boron carbide is also used as the main boric material for reaction speed adjusting bar in nuclear reactor.

Properties and applications of products

materials B4C SiC
densityg/cm3 ≧ 2.46 ≧ 3.06
microhardnesskgf/mm2 ≧ 3500 ≧ 2300
bending strengthMPa ≧ 400 ≧ 350
melting point(°C 2450 2600(分解)
operating environment High temperature
High pressure
Strong acid strong
High temperature
High pressure
Strong acid
Strong acid
Strong alkali
Pulp waste liquid
High temperature oxidation
High temperature gas
applications Sparging machinery
Sealing drawing
Casting armor
Nuclear industry
Armor nuclear industry
Valve strip
Inner layer
Casting pipe
Mould board
Pump components

Production and Applications

Abrasive field:
Surfaces of watches and jewels.

Refractory materials:
As an antioxidant additives in refractory field.
Ceramics materials:
As materials made of boron carbide products and wear resistant components using in blasting, sealing, machinery, ships, auto, dies, aviation and aerospace industries.
Armor tiles:
High density boron carbide armor tiles, bullet proofing seats of helicopters.
Nuclear industry:
Boron carbide is an important material for nuclear applications due to high absorption cross section.
Boriding agent:
Boron carbide is a raw material used in boriding agent. After the treatment, the hardness and the wear resistance of the surface are greatly improved.
Chemical additives:
Because of boron carbide good chemical resistance, for producing other boron containing materials such as titanium boride or zirconium boride.
Solid fuel:
Boron carbide based propellants for ducted rockets.